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Breastmilk Donation

MilkShare was formed in 2004 by Khadijah Kelley Cisse (formerly Kelley Faulkner), a home midwife and mother who is unable to produce enough breastmilk due to a congenital lack of glandular tissue. Knowing the significant benefits that only breastmilk can offer, she sought to provide the best possible nutrition for her children using donated breast milk. Thanks to more than 100 generous and loving nursing mothers, she has received approximately 30,000 ounces of donated milk over the last ten years for her three children. Her second and third son were exclusively breastmilk fed for the first year of life. Khadijah's passion for empowering families, includes educating families about the many benefits and the various options and considerations for sharing human breastmilk for the benefit of babies that might otherwise go without. She believes that breastfeeding is important for all infants and is dedicated to community awareness about the benefits of breast milk, options beyond milk banks, and the value of milk donation. Her vision is to improve the quality of human life through increased breastfeeding across the world...even when Mother Nature is seemingly uncooperative.

Did You Know?
MilkShare is not a Milk Bank. We are simply an informational resource to help you learn about milk donation and to connect families who can help each other.