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Breastmilk Donation

MilkShare typically has hundreds of donors seeking a home for their milk at any given time. If you are a parent in search of milk and would like join our e-mail group to connect with donor mothers, we ask that you make a one-time $20.00 contribution toward supporting our efforts. Joining this group allows you to post with a need to find or share milk. If you are joining as a recipient, please let us know if your PayPal email addess differs from your joining e-mail. E-mail yaaykhadi@gmail.com with questions.

$20.00 (milk recipients only)

Click here to join MilkShare
Click to join MilkShare

Please note: MilkShare is not responsible for any milk sharing arrangments. Exercise good judgement caution when accepting shared milk. MilkShare does NOT support the selling of breastmilk, as we only promote safe breastmilk donation. We also emphasize that mothers who are capable of making their own milk, should learn to effectively do so before utilizing donor milk, as donors work very hard to provide milk and donation is for mothers with a true medical need or absence of lactation (surgery, adoption, surrogacy, etc). The MilkShare e-mail list is a moderated group and all members are expected to post responsibly and respectfully.