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If you have problems with your membership, please e-mail Khadijah at yaaykhadi@gmail.com. For other questions related to the details of milk sharing, please join our e-mail forum for more information. Please allow up to 2 weeks weeks for response, as we receive a high volume of contacts. As of August 2012, MilkShare has seen about 30,000 families explore or engage in private milk donation. Thank you for helping us spread the word!!!

If you are having milk supply issues, please read our page on Low Milk Supply. If you are seeking a Lactation Consultant or LLL Leader in your area, please visit La Leche League International or call 1-800-La-Leche.

We are happy to answer your questions about milk sharing, though we may refer you to our e-mail forum for asking questions due to the sheer volume of questions and contacts that we receive on a weekly basis. It is advisable to also involve a supportive care provider in the process. This subject of milk sharing may be new for some care providers, but once educated, you are likely to find that your care provider will be supportive of your decision to share or seek out donated milk for the benefit of some lucky child!
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